The binding agent
Our product is a patented oil binder made from renewable resources. The special feature of our binder is that it can be separated again from the oil making it reusable.
The binder “sucks” oil from water surfaces and solid surfaces. 1kg binder binds up to 10 liters of oil. It is distributed on the water surface and can be collected within a short time. Since the binder is buoyant, it remains at the water surface and will not fall off.

After the introduction of the oil / binder mixture that can be separated using a centrifuge and the oil can be used for further processing. There are no disposal costs. The non-fat binder remains operational. It does not lose swimming – even absorbency.

The binder may also be deposited sacks preventive manner pipelines to accommodate any oil leaks immediately. A supply of binder can help to prevent Ölkatastrohe – before damage occurs in flora and fauna.

``Eat up`` - Oil enzymes
Our enzymes were specifically developed in order to eat up oil on the surface. They can be introduced into the soil by means of a so-called aeration or in a natural way – by means of rain water – in order to get down to the root of the trouble.
It takes 4 to 6 weeks for the enzymes to eat up the oil irrespective of the spilled amount of oil and the depth of penetration into the soil. Our experts will provide you with on-site support regarding all questions and will determine the required quantities.
This product is:
  • sustainable
  • flexible
  • clean
  • cost saving
  • innovative
  • efficient
Mode of operation
The main ingredient of the oil binding agent is an organic carrier which is produced of renewable primary products. The carrier is manufactured into
a granulate material whose structure ensures an optimal absorption of oil.
Due to the fact that the granulate material contains hydrophobic structures, it is possible to mainly adsorb mineral and other oils selectively in the
pores. Oil films on water surfaces are completely removed.

In addition to that, the surface of the granulate material constitutes an optimal basis for the unfolding of oildisintegrating microorganisms. Those
may be immobilized in the pores of the material and can thus provide for the fastest possible reduction of pollutants already during the oil absorption as well as during the storage and transport of the binding agent.

Patented and Certified
The oil binding agent is a patented and certified product. After its use – no matter whether on shore or on water – the agent does demonstrably not leave any contaminants behind which cause harm to the environment.
Our product is from organically renewable cultivation. If you have further questions or would like to receive more detailed information we are looking forward to your written inquiry.